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These usually low marketcap altcoins have the potential to go parabolic in a short time. Its not uncommon to see 2x - 10x gains with these... These coins can be very volatile and may go UP or DOWN a lot in value very fast. Always check back for updates on the latest news.

Will New Uniswap Coin VID Make Me Rich?!?


Quick Guide to Vid (Vi)

VI stands for Value Income. This is a platform that allows USERS to get paid for the brunt of the work they are doing making social media platforms popular. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are multimillion or even billion dollar companies. The main reason they are successful is beacause of YOU the USER, Creating and Viewing content on their platforms. Advertisers pay THE COMPANIES for YOUR hard work... That doesn't seem fair, right? Vid aims to direct 90% of the company earnings back to where it belongs. YOU, the user.

You can get coins simply by using the platform, creating content on the platform, or buying the coin directly from here:
1 - Uniswap
2 - KuCoin Exchange
3 - MCX Exchange

Here are some links that will help you with your due dilligence
Official Website
Coin Gecko
Unoffical Telegram



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