PGI Global

This is one of my staple platforms that has on average been paying out about 7% weekly. PGI Global has been around for about 1 year and has the goal of helping everyone reach success. This platform has defintely been the Underdog of 2020

Top Features


Weekly Webinars

Whether you are new to the company, looking for motivation & more information, or inviting somebody else to the company, PGI Global has got you covered with weekly webinars hosted by CEO RV Palafox and others. Tune in or subscribe to PGI Global's YouTube Channel HERE to stay up to date.


Multiple Products Offered

In order to help stay compliant PGI global offers a variety of life enhancing products available for purchase and distribution on their website. They also offer a debit card to help you spend your account earnings faster than waiting for a withdrawal.


Ease Of Use

The back office of PGI Global is very basic and easy to understand. You can purchase packages with Bitcoin or with Bank Transfers. You will get a neat compiled overview of your account history. And you will be able to withdrawal your earnings every Monday and expect it to arrive in your wallet from 3 to 7 days.

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