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These usually low marketcap altcoins have the potential to go parabolic in a short time. Its not uncommon to see 2x - 10x gains with these... These coins can be very volatile and may go UP or DOWN a lot in value very fast. Always check back for updates on the latest news.

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How Ampleforth works

  1. Purchase AMPL on Uniswap - Try it now!
  2. Marketcap Rebase - As Marketcap increases, Rebase will give you more coins in your wallet. As Marketcap decreases, rebase will decrase the amount of coins in your wallet. The KEY is you own a PERCENTAGE of the total market cap. Your Value is unaffected by the value of the coin or price movement.
  3. The Geyser - Use the geyser to stake your pooled uniswap tokens. The more you stake the more you earn. Right now, the geyser has an AYP of nearly 300%. Definitely consider using this if you are going to be a long term holder. First add liquidity to uniswap, then, add the tokens you receive to the Geyser. Try it now!


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